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Marcum LLP and CARE Convene Mock Social Investors Day to Promote Impact Investing, Advance Women and Girls Globally


New York City, NY - Marcum LLP yesterday convened a special mock Social Investors Day in its Washington, DC, office, to promote “impact investing” around the world. The event was presented by Raffa - Marcum’s Social Sector & Nonprofit Group in collaboration with CARE, the global humanitarian organization dedicated to ending poverty.

Dozens of would-be investors attended the event, which showcased nine gender-focused social enterprises operated by CARE in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. All have the goal of reducing poverty and advancing the economic and social rights of women and girls. The featured microbusinesses included ventures to promote healthcare, education and literacy, and access to banking services, jobs, and farming supplies, as well as to support retail entrepreneurs.

The Marcum - CARE Social Investors Day kicked off with a keynote address by Jean Case, author of Be Fearless, chairman of the National Geographic Society, and CEO of the Case Foundation. Ms. Case is an advocate for the importance of embracing a more fearless approach to innovation and transformational breakthroughs. Afterward the attendees broke into pitch rooms where each group heard virtual presentations from three of the social enterprises. Attendees evaluated the presentations as if they had $100,000 to invest. A select cohort of “Innovation Leaders” facilitated the discussions and scoring, and each room voted to pick the top social venture for their group. Winners were announced at a reception capping the Investor Day.

“CARE has one of the largest pipelines of social enterprises advancing women and girls globally,” said Kathy Raffa, Marcum’s office managing partner in Washington DC. “The participation and enthusiasm at this event is evidence of the excitement around impact investing. Traditional philanthropy, which has long tried to address gender inequities through grant-making, is not enough. As more impact investors step up to tackle these challenges, and the field of impact investing grows, we will begin to see more communities around the globe being empowered to actively participate in their own progress.”

By assisting nonprofits and socially directed businesses define goals, reduce risks, solve problems, and maximize outcomes on a wide array of mission-critical functions, Raffa-Marcum’s Nonprofit & Social Sector Group helps the social sector innovate collaborative solutions scaled to the needs of individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Nationally, Marcum hosts a number of women’s forums and supports multiple clients who are helping women advance industries, improve health and welfare, empower themselves and each other, and better the world. The Firm’s Women’s Initiative, part of the Marcum Diversity & Inclusion program, helps women build successful, fulfilling careers from entry level to partnership.

Kathy Raffa, Office Managing Partner, Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Assurance

Office Managing Partner, Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
Washington, DC
Thomas Raffa, National Leader, Nonprofit and Social Sector Group, Assurance

National Leader, Nonprofit and Social Sector Group
Washington, DC




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