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Marcum Nonprofit Search finds, supports and guides nonprofit leaders to build and sustain effective, vital organizations.

Our search and transition practice specializes in finding and supporting the best nonprofit executives. We not only identify an extraordinary pool of candidates with the right skills and experience, but also take into consideration each client's organizational priorities and culture to ensure the selected executive succeeds. More than 85 percent of our CEO placements stay in their leadership role for three or more years.

Our Nonprofit Search team has led more than 400 nonprofit leadership search and transition projects for organizations across the country. Every engagement aims to increase long-term effectiveness and expand leadership capacity.

To help nonprofit organizations make better choices, we offer a broad range of services and tools that we tailor to align with the unique parameters of each engagement, including:

  • Pre-search assessment and planning to calibrate the job to where the nonprofit is headed, not where it's been.
  • A national candidate database to build the strongest possible candidate pool and ensure diversity.
  • A nationwide and deep network of referral sources to target the best leadership for the nonprofit sector.
  • A rigorous and field-tested multi-stage interview process that brings the power and wisdom of our search experience to your selection process.
  • Unique executive transition management services that spot legacy issues that might otherwise undermine the new executive's performance. We help bring a good ending for the departing executive and a good beginning for the new executive.
  • Post-hire services to help your new executive get off to a fast start by ensuring clarity about roles, goals and responsibilities.

Marcum Nonprofit Search is built on research and decades of experience to help our clients find the right leader and build organizational capacity in the process.

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Executive Search

Finding exceptional leaders who fit, stick and perform.

When an organization makes a good hire and facilitates a strong transition, they do more than just fill a personnel need. They leverage the opportunity inherent in a transition and increase their capacity to pursue their mission. Marcum Nonprofit Search helps executives, boards and hiring committees think strategically about the current and future needs of their organization and hire exceptional CEOs who add capacity and advance the organization's long-term sustainability.

The selection and hiring of a new CEO or Executive Director is one of the most important Board responsibilities. Our Nonprofit Search partners with Transition and Search Committees to guide a successful process that selects a new executive who fits the future leadership needs and culture of the nonprofit, sticks with the work and performs at a high level. We know that candidates who will advance the organization – and who will thrive for many years – have to be a good match for the mission and culture of each nonprofit.

We work with organizations all around the United States and with a wide range of missions. Our proven search and transition methods are successful across the sector.

Key assets of our services include:
  • Aligning the process with the organization's calendar, decision-making structure, and culture.
  • Building strong relationships with board committees, executives and staff to produce a great outcome and have the search process reflect positively on the organization as a whole.
  • Ensuring clarity and alignment about strategic direction, near-term priorities and long-term goals for future sustainability.
  • Developing a diverse and outstanding pool of candidates based on a deep understanding of the organization and its needs.
  • Focusing on important transition issues to support a great hand-off from the departing executive to the new executive.
  • Supporting the hire of an interim executive, when needed, to facilitate a leadership change, giving the nonprofit the time it needs to make smart decisions about the future.

Current Searches

Finding exceptional leaders who fit, stick and perform.

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C-Suite Search

Developing a strong leadership team.

When senior management positions align well across the leadership team, nonprofits set themselves up to thrive in the near and long-term. Marcum's Nonprofit Search helps executives and hiring teams think strategically about how to leverage the transition in senior management or add new capacity to the leadership team to advance their mission and long-term sustainability.

Each nonprofit has unique needs when it comes to senior-level leadership searches. Mission-driven organizations are looking for more than a list of skills, experiences and credentials. Marcum knows that candidates also need to be well matched with the culture of the organization to be successful additions to the team.

Marcum calibrates the C-Suite search process to best fit the needs of each client by:

  • Deeply understanding the strategic and technical requirements of the position.
  • Clarifying the reporting and decision-making structure of the position within the organization's infrastructure.
  • Helping the hiring team identify the key staff and/or board that may be involved in the selection process.
  • Ensuring the search incorporates relevant internal human resources practices.
  • Working with the hiring manager to ensure an effective orientation and onboarding process.
  • Developing a robust, diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Our Nonprofit Search Practice specializes in searches for:

  • COOs, CFOs, CAOs and CDOs.
  • Deputy Directors and Executive Vice Presidents.
  • Directors of Development, Programs, Finance and Administration.

Our team guides the nonprofit in positioning new talent and capacity within the leadership team to support the organization's long-term sustainability and increased mission impact. Marcum leads the search and transition, enabling executives and staff to remain focused on their current priorities.

Financial Professionals

Finding trusted professionals to manage the finances of nonprofits.

Our Nonprofit Search team is uniquely positioned to partner with nonprofit organizations to hire the best finance professionals. Our professionals know thousands of qualified finance professionals that understand what is required to lead and manage the finance operations in a nonprofit organization. Poorly planned and executed finance professional hires can put the organization at risk and result in chronic turnover in the finance department. Let us help your organization build a stronger financial team.

Marcum's Nonprofit Search brings three unique capabilities to each finance professional search:

  1. A deep understanding of the work of nonprofits, the wide range of financial complexity across organizations, and the special managed accounting services role and requirements of the nonprofit finance professional.
  2. Access to a broad and diverse pool of talented and trained finance professionals, which supports the development of a highly calibrated candidate pool that fit both to the technical requirements of the work and the culture of the organization.
  3. Support for the new finance professional to ensure a successful transition.

Our Nonprofit Search team specializes in searches for:

  • Chief Financial Officers.
  • Directors of Finance.
  • Controllers.
  • Vice Presidents for Budget and Finance.
  • Related senior level positions.

We also support organizations that need interim CFOs or controllers. We maintain a network of nonprofit executives that can fill interim positions, full-time or part-time, for a few months or as long as a year.


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